Securities in Issue

Number of Securities in Issue

As of 31 October 2019, the total number of ordinary shares of 0.1p each in the capital of the company in issue was 370,958,132 with each share carrying the right to one vote.


Directors and their Interests

The Directors together with their beneficial interests in the shares of the Company, as at 30 September 2018, were as follows:

Executive Number of Shares held %
Dr Geoffrey W Guy - Chairman 9,470,446 2.8
Mr Justin Gover - Chief Executive Officer 2,513,759 0.7
Non-executive Number of Shares held %
Mr James Noble 27,500 <0.1
Mr Cabot Brown 7,200 <0.1
Mr Tom Lynch  -   - 
Alicia Secor  -   - 
Dr Catherine Mackey  -   - 
William Waldegrave  -   - 


Substantial Shareholdings

The Company has been notified, in accordance with Companies Act 2006, of the following interests in the ordinary share capital of the Company, which represented 3 per cent or more of the Company’s issued share capital:

  Number of Shares held %
Capital Research Global Investors 40,506,960 11.7
Capital World Investors  30,205,080 8.8
Franklin Advisors 1,728,011 5.6
Canadian Pension Plan 1,175,000 3.8


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